Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Online marketing is essential for the success of your business online. Your online business is no different to any other business—it needs to be marketed to search engines, to achieve higher rankings, increased traffic and more sales. Perhaps you are getting people to your site but your visitors are not converting into sales? Just a small increase in conversions can mean significant increases in the returns you get from your website. Does your website generate the results you hoped for, or is it like so many other business websites & not delivering a sufficient return for all the time, effort & money you’ve poured into it? Web Extreme can help you with the results and other services that will improve your website ROI. What makes us different is our clear focus on delivering more customers to our client’s websites. The services of an online marketing consultant can prove a sound return on investment. Our online marketing consultants can help you increase the results you get from your website. We can design and build your Website, Blog, E-Commerce Site, Custom Facebook site or store, You Tube channel or email system. It’s important to get these digital assets working right for you.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
SEM (PPC) is a revolutionary practice for targeted online advertising. Imagine your website right in front of the people looking for products or services you offer. But most of the companies have realized that handling an effective SEM campaign is not as easy as it looks, that you choose a keyword you put a bid & all set. Getting into a PPC arrangement without a professional help is like shooting with closed eyes. You may lose sudden & big. However, when done with proper planning, a PPC platform can deliver amazing results. We have helped many of our clients taste huge returns on their PPC operations, handling everything you require to make the program a success, for example Keyword research, Pinpoint your target areas, pause change ads. We use professional content writers to communicate your product & services to your customers and monthly reporting of how your SEM campaign has performed.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Our search engine optimization team can find the keywords that your business should be targeting and ranking for. We look at on page elements for SEO improvements and create strategies to take advantage of SEO opportunities. We make the search engine optimization changes that will see your rankings improve dramatically over time with all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. As a business you need to make sure that your website is optimized and that these search engines and your customers can find you online. If you are not seeing business results online your website may not be optimized for search engines. A good SEO strategy involves a long-term approach: Once we get you ranking, we’ll work hard to maintain it, and beat away your competitors to keep your site traffic pouring in.


What is included in the SEO Booster Package:

  • Search Engine Submissions.
  • Google Map Indexing
  • Optimization of Meta tags
  • Suggestion for optimization of Contents
  • Adding Analytics Tracks
  • Adding Robot.txt
  • Optimizing Sitemaps (if available)
  • Optimizing Search Engine Image Tags
  • Includes up to 5 Pages
  • Comprehensive on-page SEO report


SEO Phase:

  • Week 1 – Verify Web Extreme with the Big 3 Search Engines 
  • Week 2 – Research Target Keywords for your Website
  • Week 3 – Integrate Keywords into Web Pages
  • Week 4 – Create Tailored Title and Meta Tags for Website
  • Week 5 – Install and Utilize Google Analytics
  • Week 6 – Add Fresh Content 
  • Week 7 – Create Internal Link Structure
  • Week 8 – Get On Social Networking Sites
  • Week 9 – Build Incoming Links to Your Site
  • Week 10 – Monitor, Tweak, Test, Tweak


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization also referred to as SEO, (a component of search engine marketing) is the act of optimising a website for organic or natural listings for crawler-based search engines. SEO helps to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found by the search engine. We implement ethical and effective search engine optimization strategies for your website so that it can enjoy top page ranking in Google and other major search engines naturally building on online presence for the site through social media as well.


Search Engine Marketing
Pay per click (PPC) is a marketing strategy which carefully places links to your website and can give an instant return on investment. When customers click through to your website from Google results, you are charged. This is a fantastic form of marketing because you are only paying for those that actually make it to your site. With PPC, you will only be paying for advertising that is effective, because you don’t pay until the consumers actually arrive on your page.
But in order to get good search engine advertising results you have to set up and monitor your PPC campaign carefully.  This is where we can help. Your PPC campaigns will be monitored on a daily basis and refined according to the data we gather over the course of your campaign.  Monthly status reports, on-going support, and recommendations are all part of our PPC advertising service to help you grow your online business.