Software Solutions

Cloud Based Applications

Cloud based applications has ensured the most needed shift from licensed software based model to a freer, scalable, virtualized environment. These applications adjust automatically to the changing IT infrastructural needs of the users.


With cloud,
You no longer have to buy licenses for software, which often add to per capita cost as number of users increase.
Enjoy scalability that expands automatically as visitors to your website increase.
We provides support services to clients in managing, maintaining and upgrading their cloud capacity – permitting you to lower the costs of maintaining in-house IT department and hardware.
Transit your capital cost into operative cost and enjoy an equal opportunistic environment as your competitors.


The first thing to do is assess what type of application your business needs.
Do you need an app to create, monitor, and manage tasks?
Do you need an app to send invoices and manage your accounting?
Do you need a calendaring app to keep track of events, send out RSVPs, and increase time management.

Once you figure out your needs, we offer a wide selection of Cloud-based apps for whatever category you are interested in. We offer a free trial that you can sign up for to test the app and make sure it provides the features you need. If you like the app, you keep it and pay a monthly or yearly rate for as many users as you need. If you dont, simply cancel it and try another Cloud app.


StandAlone Applications


Standalone software is meant to built for working offline, i.e. does not necessarily require network connection to function. A program that is run as a separate computer process, not an add-on of an existing process, e.g. not a plugin. A portable application, that can be run from a removable storage, without the need for installation procedure.
Standalone software contrasts with a variety of other types of software, however, and there are several, somewhat contrasting concepts.
We develop Standalone softwares in JAVA technology. Java development is more than just using a couple of technologies to create efficiently functioning applications as it plays an important role in shaping the objectives and goals of the organization. It brings in a transformation that witnesses a sea change in the way business processes are managed and controlled. It brings in change through its innovative applications that are built to redefine technology and contribute towards tomorrows technological innovations. Understanding this concept and working towards creating effective Java applications not only for today but that, which can easily adapt to ever-changing dynamics in the future is what Mplussoft strives for.